About Us

Bring your dreams to life And explore your business online

Our Success Story

ASTechnoSolution was originally founded by Mr. Aniket, proprietor of the firm.
We started their profession back in the year 2013 as a software developer by providing services as a freelancer.
Gradually, We build up the business brick by brick and went on adding clients and projects. Some of our major clients are Cipla, Alkyl, Sharjah, Sevalal, CIVXDATA and more where We have provided services such as creating responsive mobile first websites, placement portals, crystal reporting and windows apps.

Our Vision

We help our clients to harness the wide reach of the Internet by designing and developing web solutions that help them market their products to a wider audience.
ASTechnoSolution have a vision to empower clients with marketing tools that help their business grow.
We strategically help our clients visualize, identify and formulate opportunities to increase their business. We immerse ourselves in the mindset of our clients to gauge their needs and fulfill their expectations.


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